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Be able to monitor, as dietitian or health care provider, your patient's FoodSeeq app diet and symptoms diary using the e-health app FoodSQCare, and quickly discover possible connections between your patient's diet and symptoms

FoodSQCare assists the health care provider
  • FoodSQCare was developed to function in addition to the FoodSeeq app

  • The E-health FoodSQCare app can be used, for example, by a dietitian to gain insight into the diary notes of diet and symptoms entered by a patient or client using the app FoodSeeq

  • Using FoodSQCare, a dietitian or healthcare provider can help patients much more efficiently: the app analyzes the diet and symptoms pattern and combines and shows frequently occurring combinations of symptoms and specific food items.

  • If the patient or client has created a synchronization code in FoodSeeq and has sent it to the dietitian or healthcare provider, he can enter the synchronization code in FoodSQCare. From that moment on, the care provider is able to monitor the diet and symptoms entered into the diary by the patient, and can also consult the analyses of possible combinations between diet and symptoms for this patient.

  • Using FoodSQCare the healthcare provider can monitor several clients’ or patients’ diaries. Clients’ data are not stored within the app, and are only acquired when needed (remaining with the app only for as long as the app session’s duration) from a server database. The client can disable the synchronization code for his or her care provider at any time, after which the care provider is no longer able to monitor the client’s diary.

  • The diary and analyses can be exported from FoodSQCare in the form of PDF documents, which can easily be shared or included in a (digital) healthcare file.

FoodSeeq and FoodSQCare apps were developed using knowledge and expertise of the Dutch Diëtisten Alliantie Voedsel Overgevoeligheid (DAVO) and the Dutch Stichting Voedselallergie

FoodSQCare is available for Android smartphones and tablets as well as iOS iPhones and iPads.

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