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Food and symptoms diary app
helps you search for links between diet and symptoms

  • more than 1000 built-in food items and ingredients

  • analyses of possible combinations of symptoms related to specific food item(s)

  • share diary notes or analyses using pdf and email or any other sharing-enabling app

  • step by step explanations with text and animations

  • allow your healthcare provider to monitor your diary

How FoodSeeq may help you:

You can use the app if you suspect a food allergy, but also if you think that complaints are related to food hypersensitivity. Use the app's diary to register your diet as well as symptoms, for example stomach or bowel disorders, or skin reactions such as rashes, aggravation of itching, or pimples / acne. In the app's reports you can then see which food item(s) was/were used prior to a specific symptom.

FoodSeeq is wonderful
FoodSeeq offers many features:
  • keep track of food, drinks, symptoms, medication use and condition in a diary, using more than 1000 built-in food items or ingredients, or create custom food items or symptom types

  • take a picture of an ingredient label or a visible symptom and store it in the diary

  • create dishes with food items or ingredients that you often eat in combination, so that you can efficiently record your diet in the diary

  • discover which symptoms often occur after eating a certain food item, or which food items are often eaten before a certain symptom manifests itself

  • analysis of symptoms is sometimes difficult. Consult a dietitian and share a pdf (using email for example) of the diary, or of analyses of links between diet and symptoms

  • gain insight into the nutritional value of your diet: the app calculates the amount of energy (calories), proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins your diet provides. If desired, you can also set the app to not display the nutritional value of your food

  • sort and compare food items by energy value or specific nutrient containing amount (proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and the like)

  • have diary notes (including photos) stored on your smartphone synchronized on a tablet, and vice versa

  • give your care provider or dietitian (using the FoodSQCare app) immediate insight into your food and symptoms diary

FoodSeeq and FoodSQCare apps were developed using knowledge and expertise of the Dutch Di√ętisten Alliantie Voedsel Overgevoeligheid (DAVO) and the Dutch Stichting Voedselallergie

FoodSeeq is available for Android smartphones and tablets as well as iOS iPhones and iPads.

For more information, comments or bug reports: contact RIOM at the email address shown below.

App FoodSQCare

Complementary to FoodSeeq the e-health app FoodSQCare is developed to be used by dietitians or other health care providers to enable monitoring their patients' diet and symptoms in order to help them to find possible causes of symptoms related to food and diet.
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